Why “Gedanken?”

Hey brain wrinklers,

I get asked a lot about why our flagship program is called “Gedanken.” Here’s why:


It’s short for Gedanken Experiment. In the early 20th century, Albert Einstein used gedanken experiments to uncover the physics of space and time and lay the foundations for Special and General Relativity. His work revolutionized physics in the early 20th century. We want students to devise and think through their own gedanken experiments just like Einstein and revolutionize their own thinking.

You can learn more about gedanken experiments by clicking the link. As an astrophysicist, Einstein is naturally one of my science heroes, and he’s definitely made my professional life easier! I’ve often marveled at what he was able to accomplish using just his brain. I can’t wait to see what you students can accomplish using only theirs!

— Brendan