At The Wrinkled Brain Project, we’re proud and fortunate to be a part of a strong network of partners, both in Pittsburgh and beyond.





An initiative of Blue Marble Space

The Wrinkled Brain Project is formally an initiative of Blue Marble Space, a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit institution whose mission is to “promote and enable international unity through space exploration by providing scientific and technological services, namely, research, education, and design in the field of space exploration and the Earth system.”

As an educational initiative, our directive is to improve the human condition on Earth through STEM education and preparing the next generation of science-minded critical thinkers that will shape the 21st century.


Globally minded, locally oriented

We have both the strength and vitality of a globally-minded institution, and the finesse and commitment of a locally oriented initiative. Established in the vibrant educational community of Pittsburgh, PA, The Wrinkled Brain Project is focused on enacting meaningful, measurable change in STEM education at the local level. We’re glad to work with our like-minded educational partners and collaborators: