Gedanken is up and running!

Our first product, Gedanken, is up and running! After a successful summer of crowdfunding and video editing, we are proud to announce that the prototype of our first program is ready to go! The Environmental Charter School here in Pittsburgh has graciously agreed to test the pilot version of Gedanken, our flagship program to introduce inquiry, real science process skills, and critical thinking into the science classroom at minimal cost to educators.

With Gedanken, students will think through how to solve still-answered science mysteries and design their own experiments to answer their own research questions about these mysteries. Our prototype for Gedanken is a series of scientist-led videos that prompt students through this process, along with corresponding student and educator materials. We hope to make improvements, expand our selection of science issues, and turn our Gedanken content into a polished educational product focused on collaborative student inquiry.

Exciting times ahead for The Wrinkled Brain Project and Gedanken! Stay curious.