Gedanken: Astrobiology on the TED stage

Brain-wrinklers ahoy!

It’s been a while since our last update! We’ve been busy taking our message of “wrinkle your brain, know how to think, and ask questions!” to the world in exciting new ways.

Last November, the Director of Science Brendan Mullan took part in Exploring by the Seat of you Pants: Space Week, talking to classrooms around the world about STEM careers and the importance of knowing how to think over just knowing facts.

A few weeks ago, Brendan and Director of Education Amanda Joy teamed up to craft a special message for TEDx Point Park University — How Searching for Aliens Can Guide Our Future. Remind you of Gedanken: Astrobiology? Brendan took the stage to talk about what the search for extraterrestrial intelligence might tell us about our future and what we should do about it today. Check it out!

Brendan on the TED stage