Cool new book about space mysteries!

Here at the Wrinkled Brain Project, we’ve been working on getting our first version of Gedanken up and running.

The first science mystery we’ve been focusing on for this version is one that’s very near and dear to our astrophysicist-turned-educator Brendan Mullan: “why do we seem so alone in the Universe?” It’s one that we’re very excited to bring to classrooms as an open-ended mystery for inquiry-based classroom discussion, critical thinking, and experimental design.

But what if you just can’t wait to get your fix of space mysteries in the classroom? We’re proud to announce that Dr. Mullan has just published a special edition “bookazine” with National Geographic on this topic, called Are We Alone? And Other Mysteries of Space.



Copyright 2015 National Geographic Books


Check it out! It’s a fun look at past and present issues in astrophysics and space science, from odd planetary weather, to dark energy, to the nature of time, to our apparent isolation in the cosmos. There are a lot of fun asides about historical mysteries that perplexed astronomers and physicists through time, and how they were eventually solved. And of course, plenty of cool pictures and maps!

It’s available online for purchase now, and should be available where books and magazines are sold pretty soon. Stay curious this holiday season!