Explorer in Residence: January 2019

The Wrinkled Brain Project held an “Explorer In Residence” program at Winchester Thurston Upper School. Students learned about and graphed properties of stars in a custom lesson delivered by a real scientist. Bring an explorer to YOUR classroom or event. Click here for more information.

Today I Learned…

Hey there, fellow brain-wrinklers!   Check out these videos our Director of Science made with National Geographic! Terraforming Mars Why Mars’ Ocean Disappeared Stay Curious!

Quick shots of our videos

Gedanken: Astrobiology is up and running!

These are very exciting times at The Wrinkled Brain Project. We are happy to announce that our first edition of Gedanken, our flagship program to bring inquiry to educators everywhere, is available for purchase! Check it out here. This first version, called Gedanken: Astrobiology, is about one of the biggest mysteries in the Universe: why do seem Read more about Gedanken: Astrobiology is up and running![…]

Great News!

There’s been a lot of great news today! There’s a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. 1) Guess who’s going to present at STEMCON 2016 in Cleveland? Time to bring Gedanken and open science inquiry to the world! See you in Cleveland this April! 2) We’ve just been selected to partner with ASSET in Pittsburgh Read more about Great News![…]

Why we do what we do

Thanks to our partner institution Point Park University for this! A few graphic design students made this for us:   That’s a lot of people that will need to use critical thinking skills and be able to think through problems like a scientist! Luckily, we’ve got Gedanken, a program that helps students do just that: